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3 Tips To Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Vehicle Buying Experience

People remember only two kinds of shopping experiences: the very best and, of course, the very worst. If you want customers to really remember your dealership, you need to make every sale feel like it’s the most important one you’ve ever made.

How Dealerships Are Commonly Perceived

This is in large part due to how auto dealerships are commonly perceived. What does the average person think of when visiting a dealership? People often think of confusing price structures and pushy sales tactics. Overall, it’s not something most people are eager to do. As a matter of fact, a study recently showed that around three quarters of consumers would rather buy a car online rather than at a dealership.

You can’t change everyone’s mind, especially not instantly, but there are a number of things that you can do to foster customer loyalty and create a better vehicle purchase experience for customers. These are a few recommendations from our expert automotive marketing consultants:

1. Focus On Customer Experience

It’s safe to assume that customer service is already a priority for you, but you can do even more to make visiting your dealership something that potential buyers actually look forward to. Start at the beginning by assigning one of your staff to greet and chat with visitors until one of your sales team can take over.

2. Provide Amenities

Consider adding some amenities for your visitors while they (and their families) wait.

These may include:

-A play area for children
-Free wi-fi
-A family-oriented approach to test drives
-Complimentary refreshments

3. Free Maintenance for Customers

One thing which is guaranteed to improve your customers’ experience is complimentary maintenance. Consider, for instance, offering free inspections, oil changes and tire rotations for the first six months to a year after a purchase. Everyone loves getting something for nothing and these kinds of services can create long term loyalty among your customer base.

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