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Automotive Dealership Customer Loyalty Programs

AutoAwards’ Dealership Customer Loyalty Program

Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs Customer“Every activation, tactic, and campaign at every consumer touchpoint is either building brand loyalty or eroding it. Consumers rarely, if ever, feel completely neutral and, if they do, that too is not a good thing.” (Retail Loyalty)

Loyalty programs boost overall revenue by 5 to 10 percent, with members of these programs spending 5 to 20 percent more than non-members. The case for reward programs is clear-cut, and it’s important to choose the right automotive brand loyalty program for your dealership.

AutoAwards creates auto dealership loyalty programs with proven results since 1991. Let’s talk about how to boost your auto dealership’s customer loyalty.

Benefits of Our Automotive Dealership Customer Loyalty Programs

At AutoAwards, you can count on:

  • Real time data reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Goal assessment
  • Complete turn-key support
  • Hands-on informative, easy to understand staff training

You’ll see how dealer loyalty increases with an incentive program that allows customers to earn exclusive rebate points and rewards. You get to customize the parameters of your program to suit your unique customer base. The program is designed to continually invite and consistently reward customers for doing business with your dealership, rather than with your competition or the factory.

AutoAwards makes good things happen for your dealership! Our dealership collaborations have been success stories since 1991 and we have the record to back it up. Contact AutoAwards online to discuss how to get started with your automotive dealership’s loyalty program or call us at 302-696-6000.

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