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Dealership Customer Acquisition Digital Marketing Strategies

3 Key Dealership Customer Acquisition Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing your dealership is not getting easier. It’s getting harder. Trying to figure out how much to invest and how to market online is now becoming one of the most important parts of the business strategy. It’s important to learn how to keep up with your automotive digital marketing. Here are a few ways to track your ROI and see where your marketing dollars should go.

Track Your Calls

Dealerships still get high call volume regarding their vehicles. Even with technology the way it is today, many consumers prefer a live voice rather than waiting on someone to call them back from an email form submission.

Tracking incoming calls is a good way to keep up with who is interested in your product. Invest in your own tracking system and use your statistics to your advantage.

Diversify Your Marketing Offers

Offer different items on each medium. An oil change is a good offer, but perhaps place the tire rotation or vehicle detailing on something else.

Offering the same products can be confusing when you’re trying to track what is working, not working, and see which mediums are generating the bulk of the business.

Make Coupons Required In Store

Make printable coupons. Require the coupons to be attached to store invoice at the time of service.

Several dealerships offer a service online or in print and do not care for the customer to show proof of marketing via the coupons.

Another way to lose money is offering the deal to customers who otherwise would’ve paid full price. This all makes it difficult to track your marketing efforts and see where information is found and what system is really working.

Having consistency in these marketing items for dealerships helps you track and target what is working and what isn’t.

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