About Loyalty Rewards Programs

  • Why create a loyalty program?
    There are many reasons for auto dealerships to create a customer focused loyalty program. First, the incentives increases customer purchases and interactions with the dealership. As the program continually invites customers to do business with the auto dealership, the overall revenue goes up. The goal of any loyalty program is to increase customer retention and new business. With AutoAwards’ car dealership loyalty programs, we’ve received proven results since 1991.
  • What are loyalty programs?
    Loyalty programs are created to retain customers through rewarding their interactions and purchases with the auto dealership. Loyalty programs reward customers with various incentives, including points that add up to gift certificates, coupons, services and products.
  • How loyalty programs work for car dealerships?
    Loyalty programs can boost the overall revenue of a car dealership by 5-10% and more. With AutoAwards’ automotive dealership loyalty programs, a dealership can also gain important data about their customers who use the loyalty program. The data includes real-time reporting, benchmarking, and goal assessments. This data helps a car dealership create personalized interactions with their customers to build on their relationship. The overall program boosts customer retention.
  • How to set up a loyalty program?
    AutoAwards creates custom designed car dealership loyalty programs. You can get started by talking with one of our representatives. Call us at 302-696-6000 or contact us here.
  • How loyalty programs make money?
    Automotive dealership loyalty programs earn your dealership money by combining different departments into your program. Ongoing rewards are possible through visits to the service or parts departments, through creating a community-based rewards program with other businesses, and through your sales department. With the combined ways for your customers to earn points, they will create an ongoing relationship with your dealership. The rewards program increases the lifetime value of your customers.
  • What are loyalty program rewards?
    Rewards for an auto dealership loyalty program can include points that add up to gift cards, coupons, service/maintenance, parts, and other rewards. AutoAwards also creates a Keep It Local program where local businesses partner with your dealership to offer ongoing discounts.
  • Which loyalty program is best?
    At AutoAwards, we customize the rewards program to fit your customers and local area. We would like to say that your loyalty program will be the best one in your local area! We only work with one automotive dealership within a certain radius to ensure that your program is effective for your local area.

About AutoAwards

AutoAwards works with automotive dealerships to create a custom rewards program for their local area. We’ve proven the success of our clients with results since 1991. If you’re ready to start your rewards program, contact us at 302-696-6000 or contact us here.

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