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Prepaid Maintenance Program Automotive Dealership Thrives

A Reliable Prepaid Maintenance Program Can Make Your Dealership Thrive

One thing that business owners understand is that it is important to bring in new customers. It is even more important to retain these customers and inspire them to become loyal patrons of your automotive dealership. One of the top ways that many auto dealers choose to foster loyalty with their customers is to offer a prepaid maintenance program.

Customer Loyalty Adds to Increased Revenue

AutoAwards is a top provider of prepaid maintenance programs with the goal to build customer loyalty to your auto dealership. The OwnerZONE prepaid maintenance program offers customers great rewards and savings. It also provides them with the assurance that their vehicle’s maintenance is in the hands of experts at the same dealership where they bought the vehicle.

Automotive retailers have come to rely on prepaid maintenance programs but should avoid the manufacturers’ programs. If it is the same program compared to what the dealership down the street offers, there’s no way for them to differentiate themselves from their competition.

The AutoAwards OwnerZONE program is specific to one dealership in their territory. AutoAwards uses their innovative Keep It Local program to provide the dealership’s customers with benefits, discounts and offers from other local merchants in the area. This is helpful to the dealership because it provides ongoing rewards that fit into the customer’s lifestyle.

AutoAwards’ programs have consistently shown to be able to cultivate a significant amount of customer loyalty. This loyalty adds up to an increased revenue stream coming into your auto dealership business. The AutoAwards OwnerZONE program also has the benefit of being self-administered as well as customizable.

A Wealth Of Benefits For Your Dealership

  • Maintenance Services At Dealership
  • Fosters Customer Loyalty
  • Facilitates Opportunity for Up-Sells
  • Many Tiers of Reimbursement for Service
  • Online Coupon Service
  • Email Service Reminders
  • Sales Based Incentives


Plus These Great Additional Benefits

  • Pre-Authorization Not Required
  • No Third-Parties Involved
  • Lack Of High Administration Fees

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