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Engaging Customer for Dealership Loyalty Retention

2 Tips to Keep Your Current Client Base Engaged

Okay, so you’ve got great advertising and marketing, a catchy commercial, and that big holiday sale coming up. But will these impressive ads, which are enticing to new customers, have the same effect on your current client base?
Loyal, life-long customers truly keep your business going. This is why it is important to evaluate your strategies and figure out if you are doing enough to maintain dealership customer retention.

The client base you already have is 60-70% more likely to buy another vehicle from you in the future, while your ads and commercials may only generate anywhere from 5-20% in new customers. Here are a couple of strategies to think about when it comes to dealership customer retention:

1. Get to Know Your Clients

Emails and newsletters aren’t enough to keep your current customers interested. Think about your customers and go deeper into who they are, their personalities, and what makes them tick. Sort them into different groups. Making these personal connections is important in maintaining your current customer base.

2. Customize Messages to Your Clients

From there, target advertising and special messages toward these specific groups of people, and don’t forget to deliver these via their preferred method of contact. Your valued customers will know you listened to and understood their concerns and needs before, and still care enough to reach out with opportunities concerning them.

Connections and memorable experiences are important. Take these steps to strengthen your dealership-consumer relationships and assure your clients that you care.

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