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Auto Dealership Prepaid Vehicle Maintenance Programs

3 Ways to Sell Auto Dealer Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Anytime a customer purchases a vehicle, your dealership can offer a service plan to cover basic scheduled services for their vehicle. These services can include things like oil changes, brake inspections and battery checks. A prepaid vehicle maintenance plan is appropriate to help customers feel supported by the dealership for continued maintenance and ongoing relationship building.

What Is A Prepaid Vehicle Maintenance Plan? 

Along with a basic service plan, a prepaid maintenance plan is ideal for repairs and part replacements on a vehicle. In most cases, maintenance plans offer longer coverage because wear and tear accumulates on the vehicle over years of use. Parts covered under the maintenance plan can include a customized program with coverage of the battery, brake pads, clutch, hoses and belts.

AutoAwards can create a customized prepaid vehicle maintenance program you can sell to your customers when they purchase a vehicle.

Making the Prepaid Maintenance Plan Customer Oriented 

The biggest drawback on prepaid maintenance plans is the cost. More affordable payment terms can make a customer consider purchasing the plan from a dealer along with their vehicle purchase.

As a dealership, we recommend being transparent about what is included in the prepaid maintenance plan. No customer wants to invest in a vehicle and then have unexpected costs. Making the plan transferable, or even including the plan in the car payment, is an option. You can utilize several loyalty-building automotive service ideas to make customers happy.

Great Customer Service and Repair Is Important 

Keep in mind that a customer who purchases a prepaid maintenance plan expects top-notch service. It is important that the service technicians understand what is included in the plan and what the car needs when brought into service. Whether it’s repairing brakes or the engine lights, technicians need access to a CRM software system to keep track of what’s included and not to fix the vehicle quickly and properly.

Use Different Auto Dealership Service Marketing Ideas

Another thing a dealership can do is offer a free perk each month, or every few months, like an oil change. Automotive dealership service marketing ideas can include unique freebies to capture the customer’s attention.

Lastly, make your plans readily available. Go above and beyond for your customers to build relationships for a lifetime.

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