3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty in the Automotive Industry
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3 Value-Added Ways to Build Customer Loyalty in the Automotive Industry

In recent years, the automotive industry has experienced a dramatic shift. According to statistics released by Google, the average car shopper only visits two dealerships when deciding on a car purchase. This is due to the vast amount of information available to help in their decision that is available online. The dealership is now, in many customers’ cases, the last step during their purchasing process.

Creating Consumer Loyalty 

Given that the automotive industry is now a low frequency marketplace, dealerships must change their mindset to align with consumer purchasing behaviors by building trust and engaging customer often. However, there are multiple value-added ways to build relationships that automotive marketers must consider putting into place to ensure a successful dealership.

1. Data Marketing 

How are you able to derive consumer preferences, such as features and the manufacturer make and model, of an automobile? Gathering data about your current customers and target market is integral to help your automotive dealership understand the type of vehicle and feature preferences they want. Ultimately, this critical information will assist with pre and post-sales opportunities to maintain customer loyalty.

2. Maintaining Customer Loyalty with Rewards

AutoAwards suggests that when marketing to automotive industry consumers, dealers create dealership loyalty rewards programs. Rewards programs are solid tools in driving new business and retaining customer loyalty. When leveraging the program, you can multiply its value by maintaining existing and pulling in new customers. Most customers are interested in loyalty programs and may change their routine to enjoy savings opportunities which provides proof of success of the program.

3. Involve the Community

With the AutoAwards “Keep It Local Program,” we work with a single automotive dealership in a specific area to ensure a successful program. We are a local marketing provider who pioneered the auto dealership loyalty program over 25 years ago. Our system has been successful due to our partnerships with local businesses to provide rewards and discounts to dealership patrons. The standard dealership has 25 to 40 local businesses participating in local promotions.

Part of the reason dealerships find success is because we identify what serves the needs of the client and engage in local partnerships. Clients then feel important, thus forming a strong business relationship. For example, Milton Toyota implemented a loyalty rewards program that has become integral into the store’s operation since 2008. They have experienced an increase in customer engagement, sales and service, by giving consumers the extra benefits of buying and servicing their vehicles with extra value.

In addition to acquiring new customers, managing customer data is important in having success in the process. Data insights fuel success and build a strong customer relationship. Most consumers create a relationship with their automobile as well as the brand they select. Therefore, it is critical to create a relationship with your customers extending beyond vehicle purchase. This will result in lifetime loyalty towards your brand.

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