A CRM System Keeps Your Automotive Center In Money
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A Simple CRM System Can Help Keep Your Automotive Center In The Money

Last year, Google conducted research in automotive customers. They found out that only about two percent of people are getting follow up emails from their automotive dealer after the sale. Do you know what that means? Well, if you are the buyer, it means you vehicle is missing service. If you are in the automotive industry it means you are missing out of service calls and selling new vehicles. Yep, as a service center you are leaving money on the table.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

You do the math. One third of the automotive industry already uses emails and follow up to attract new clients, follow up with old clients and more. However, only two percent of current customers are getting emails and follow up from shops offering automotive service and repairs. Marketing by email, using a CRM system offered by one of the many automotive CRM companies can attract more business. Current customers, who are already having work done, will come back in again and again if reminded. Email is a great way to keep in touch.

This Can All Be Corrected With Automotive CRM

CRM or customer retention management software is a system that allows you to separate customers based on certain criteria that you set up. And CRM should be a huge part of your business and marketing plan. Why? Simple, it reminds customers to come back for service. It can also help with new vehicle purchase, sales satisfaction results, finance and so much more.

Save Your Dealership and Service Center With CRM

It is no secret that dealerships and service centers are losing a huge part of the aftermarket. Just read the reports and you will see that it declines each year. Having said that, you can reclaim your share simply by using CRM. Sending a few emails a month will help you to stay ahead in hard economic times and keep customer loyalty.

Today the car buyer is more educated than even before, use a CRM system to remind them that you are where they need to come. Contact the automotive CRM company today and get your CRM up and running. It’s easier than you think.

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