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A Special Message For Mercedes-Benz Dealerships

Mercedes-Benz dealerships have come to rely on prepaid maintenance programs, however, manufacturer provided programs alone do not offer a differentiator from your competition. Ask yourself, “How will selling the Star Service Prepaid Maintenance Plan alone help you set yourself apart from the competition?” Enter AutoAwards.

For the past 10 years, AutoAwards has helped Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the country heavily increase the upsell rate of Star Service Prepaid Maintenance Plan by offering customers the advantage of the Star Service Maintenance Plan which is combined with valuable benefits of our rewards program. This becomes an amazing and powerful combination that drives huge value to the customer and big profits to the dealer. It really is a perfect combination!

Rewarding clients with points for their loyalty, as well as other perks such as detail services, car washes, or key replacement increases the overall value and drives additional F&I sales. This customized membership then in turn, increases the retention rate of these members in your service department. Over the course of vehicle ownership a client becomes more connected, engaged, and trusting of your dealership. The best part, is that when it is time for their next vehicle, their exclusive rewards points can only be used at your dealership.

Why Launch a Star Prepaid Maintenance & Rewards Program? Happier customers and much stronger dealership profits. It really is that simple.

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