Auto Dealership Loyalty Programs for Electric Vehicle Customers
Auto Dealership Loyalty Program Electric Vehicles

Auto Dealership Loyalty Programs for Electric Vehicle Customers

Electric Vehicles represent one of the fastest-growing segments within today’s automotive industry. To assist your dealership in meeting the needs of this growing demand for EVs, our team at AutoAwards has developed programs specifically designed to help you build your sales in this area. Before we tell you more about our electric vehicles auto dealership loyalty program, we want to look at the world of EVs, how they work, and the different types currently available on the market.

A Look at Electric Vehicles and How They Work

Today’s EVs utilize one or more motors powered by electricity through lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. These vehicles can be plugged into external power sources to charge up. Some recent innovations make it possible for batteries to recharge by regenerative braking.

The Different Types of Electric Vehicles on the Market

The three primary types of EVs on the marketing include:

  • BEVs: These battery electric vehicles are fully electric and rely on rechargeable batteries.
  • PHEVs: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that are partially gas-powered and partially electric powered.
  • HEVs: Hybrid electric vehicles that utilize both gas and electric and make use of regenerative braking to charge the battery.

Car Loyalty Programs Help You Retain Your EV Customers

Our AutoAwards electric vehicles auto dealership loyalty program is designed to assist your dealership in adapting to the new generation of vehicles and the customers looking to purchase them. Green vehicles continue to grow in popularity, representing a major selling point. You can reward customers who make EV purchases, such as giving out rewards points for charging up at your dealership and offering different reward point tier levels. The options are truly extensive.

Get Your Consultation with the Leader in Car Dealership Marketing

At AutoAwards, we pride ourselves on our reputation as the industry leader in car loyalty programs. Reach out to us today to take advantage of a consultation where we will talk with you about how we can help you launch a car dealership marketing program that includes loyalty rewards.

Give us a call at 302-696-6000 to get a consultation with one of our auto dealership loyalty program experts.

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