How Auto Dealerships Create Winning Email Campaigns
Automotive Dealership Email Marketing Campaigns With Segmentation

How Auto Dealerships Can Create Winning Email Marketing Campaigns

Out of all digital marketing channels, email still leads the pack as far as conversion rates are concerned. One of the reasons for this is that consumers are more likely to pay attention to messages in their inbox compared with website ads or posts on social media.

Automotive dealership email marketing campaigns have the potential to help your business get repeat customers and even upsell service customers so that they become sales customers. However, it has to be done effectively in order to bring optimal results.

Here are two tips that will help you in your email marketing efforts:

Use Segmented Lists

It’s generally not a good idea to take all of your collected email addresses and put them in one giant list. You should instead keep track of where you got an email from so that you can create segments of your email list. This will also help you understand which touchpoints will work for specific types of customers.

Segmentation is what lets you target your customers with more relevant content and promotions. It will boost your open rates and CTR, while reducing unsubscribe rates.

Take Advantage of Marketing Automation 

Email marketing automation lets you send out emails that are triggered by customer behavior. These triggered messages have much higher open and click-through rates compared to standard bulk messages. By using dynamic content, which is adapted to the interests of different subscribers, emails can be customized to feature specific makes and models that the recipient is more likely to be interested in.

If you’re looking for ways to effectively promote your dealership through digital marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with AutoAwards for a consultation. We provide a variety of solutions that let dealerships effectively reach out to potential and current customers.

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