The Auto industry’s 5 Secrets to Customer Retention
Customer Retention Secrets for Auto Dealerships

The Auto industry’s 5 Secrets to Customer Retention

The automotive industry is facing a new challenge with keeping their customers. This digital age has made it easier for customers to find the best deal and the most rewarding experience. There is often no hesitation to leaving a company that does not give them that satisfaction.

The 5 Secrets of Customer Retention

Did you know it can cost up to 5 times more money to get a new client than keeping the ones you have? Luckily there are five easy tools to help with dealership customer retention.

  1. Loyalty Programs

According to studies, over 80% of customers will stay with a company if they offer incentives like a loyalty program. Points, referral incentives, and gift cards are just some of the rewards that AutoAwards creates for your business.

  1. Online Tools

 Everyone is online. This is why it is so important to have your branding on point and everywhere. Google My Business and Google Analytics can help you determine who is ready to buy a car and email campaigns can remind someone to consider your brand.

  1. Social Media

 Social media is a great way to always be in touch with your customers. Make sure you know when you are the topic of conversation in someone’s Facebook post through reputation management.

  1. Reputation Management

 Though these tools are great to have, it doesn’t matter if you can’t use them to your benefit. We can teach you how to answer your clients and turn any negative review into a positive experience.

  1. Personal Communication

Automotive customer retention programs are for you to open the doorway of communication with your customers. There is nothing like talking to a customer and knowing that they will return to you for vehicle repairs or a brand-new car.

AutoAwards has new technology that will help your auto industry grow to new heights. Predictive analytics finds your customer’s buying points and gives your customers content in social media or emails that they will see and enjoy.

 Over 70% of customers will recommend the brand they are using when it has a reward program. 80% will more than likely continue to go back to your company for business. Get the most out of your reward programs with real data reporting, benchmarking, goal assessment, and more!

Call us at 302-696-6000 to start a loyalty rewards program today and let your customers know how much they mean to you.

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