Why Auto Dealership Maintenance Programs Are Critical
Automotive Dealership Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Why Automotive Dealership Prepaid Maintenance Programs Are Critical

The cost of some car repairs can leave some people without a car or they need to take out a loan to get repairs, but a prepaid car maintenance program can help. The prime time to sell a prepaid car maintenance program to your customers is when they purchase the car with your dealership. Here’s how many automotive dealerships are using this strategy to retain customers.

How Do Prepaid Automotive Maintenance Programs Retain Customers?

A prepaid automotive maintenance program offers many incentives to your customers. They can pay a reduced amount for maintenance service to their car than they would pay each time they needed an oil change at your dealership, or elsewhere. The prepaid program allows them to pay up front for the ongoing maintenance to the vehicle.

What it does is to keep your customers coming to your dealership. The monthly maintenance keeps them associated with your dealership as they trust their car to your maintenance and service department. A prepaid maintenance program reduces the possibility of the customer going to your competition.

What To Expect From An Auto Maintenance Program

If you’re willing to launch a car dealership maintenance program, you have the option of customization with our program, OwnerZONE. AutoAwards can customize the program to match your brand and demographics of your customers. A few customers incentives can include free oil changes, tire rotation, and key replacement.

We also customize OwnerZONE to your cost structure, sales team, geographic location of your market, and customer base.

Prepaid maintenance programs have increased customer retention for many auto dealerships nationwide. The benefit to these programs for auto dealerships is that they create customer loyalty and could lead to the purchase of a customer’s next vehicle. Learn more about AutoAwards’ car dealership maintenance programs.

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