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Auto Dealership Rewards Loyalty Program with App

AutoAwards’ App Positively Impacts Customer Retention At Your Automotive Dealership

AutoAwards Provides Game Changing Opportunities for Customer Retention

Auto dealership customer retention is one of the most critical necessities for success in the industry. One of the best steps that your dealership can take in order to increase customer retention is to start a rewards program. But, you don’t want to start just any program. You need one with a strategy and this is where AutoAwards’ years of experience helps. We recently created a rewards app that works to increase your customer retention for your dealership.

Customer Rewards Translates to Customer Retention

To put it simply, rewards help to incentivize customer retention that is so important in the auto dealership business. In conjunction with the rewards program, AutoAwards’ app is the easy way to give your customers access to their rewards program and incentives.

Keep Your Customer Updated

When you create a rewards program with AutoAwards, and use the app, you gain a critical tool in helping market your business to your customers and encourage repeat business. The app makes it easy for your customers to keep up to date with the aspects of your rewards program that matter to them.

In addition, your customers gain access to our Keep It Local program, where you partner with other businesses your customers frequent in your local area. They can easily see the latest discounts and rewards they gain through the program.

The Rewards Program Your Customers Can Access Anytime

The more accessible your auto dealership rewards program is for your customers, the more they are likely to make use of it. The AutoAwards rewards program and app is the easy way to accomplish this and encourage that critical customer retention that you desire.

We can’t wait to hear from you today here at AutoAwards. You can reach us at (302) 696-6000 to talk about getting set up with the Rewards App today.


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