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AutoAwards’ Solution to Preventing Dealership Revenue Loss

Why Many Dealerships Face a Huge Loss of Revenue

Selling cars is only part of a dealership’s sales departments. The main goal AutoAwards recognizes in car buying is to maximize the profit of each sale and retain customer loyalty for maintenance services. However, once the customer goes out the door with their new vehicle, there is no guarantee that they will use the dealership’s services.

Vehicle owners have many options as to where they can get oil changes, tire rotations and basic maintenance. Up to about 85 percent of those who own vehicles choose alternative services due to the advertisement of cost savings and convenience. This has caused a huge loss of revenue for many traditional dealerships.

How Dealer Maintenance Has Prevented Their Share of the Loss

Dealer maintenance departments can solve this issue with automotive prepaid maintenance programs. These prepaid programs open the door for consumers to experience cost-savings on their maintenance within their car’s own dealership site.

Dealer maintenance programs with AutoAwards send friendly remembers to ensure that a dealership’s customers keep their appointments. This helps to maintain the warranty’s validity and the future re-sale of another vehicle. It also allows the dealership to sell additional services and develop a stronger relationship with the customer. That increases the likelihood of them buying their next vehicle from them.

Here’s some additional benefits of starting a prepaid maintenance program:

    1. Build a reputation for excellence

PPM programs are the foundation for building a reputation of excellent service.

    1. Increase customer retention

Utilizing our program will increase your customer service retention to over 70%.

    1. Eliminate peaks and valleys

Gain a more consistent flow of traffic from regularly scheduled service visits.

    1. Create relationships that last

When customers get to know and trust you, they will return…and bring friends.

Find out how to build a prepaid maintenance program with AutoAwards’ help! Contact us for more information.

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