Auto Dealership CRM Software System for Loyalty Program

Automotive Dealership CRM Software

AutoAwards Automotive Dealership CRM Software

“Thinking you know what customers want is incredibly risky. Knowing what they want leads to customer experiences that matter.” (Forrester)

Understanding the needs and wants of your customers is the core of good business. Use this information to satisfy customers and build relationships that take your automotive dealership to the next level. AutoAwards offers CRM software(Flexstat®) and consulting for your automotive dealership that you can count on for customer relationship management. Here’s how we help:

  • real time data reporting
  • benchmarking
  • goal assessment
  • complete turn-key support

When you choose AutoAwards as your automotive dealership CRM provider and consulting company, you’re choosing a team that has more than 25 years of experience in building customer loyalty for dealerships. Our automotive dealership management system software provides you with the deep insight you need to increase customer retention. Contact AutoAwards online to learn more about our CRM and consulting about a loyalty rewards program or call us at (800) 405-4227.

Benefits of Our CRM Software for Automotive Dealerships

You’ll love the flexibility. Our software technology(Flexstat®) allows you to create memorable branded experiences that will truly resonate with your customer base, keeping them engaged and helping you to create experiences that will help to increase their dealership loyalty and ultimately, their spending with your business.

Successful dealerships understand the needs, wants, and wishes of their targeted customer base. They know specific details about them, from age and gender to income and to customers’ purchases, and more. In-depth knowledge of your customers is the essence of successful car dealers, and our automotive CRM software helps you to develop a long-term relationship with them, engaging them throughout the buying lifecycle. Choose us as your CRM company by contacting us online or calling (800) 405-4227.

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