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Automotive Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program Tips

2 Tips for Automotive Dealerships to Reach Prospective Customers

Loyalty programs can do more than just generate repeat customers. If done correctly, the program offers your customers a way to engage with your brand and generate word-of-mouth advertising. By investing in your automotive dealership loyalty program, you can add new leads to your email list, boost your bottom line, and recognize your best sellers in the marketplace.

Marketing With Automotive Dealership Loyalty Programs

There are different ways to combine loyalty programs to your marketing tactics. For one, start advertising on your website and landing pages. By doing this, your automotive dealership can collect leads to market to through email. If they sign up, using eCommunication targeting, you’ll be able to send emails that fit the interests of your potential customers. For example, what car or vehicle interests them.

Advertise Your Automotive Dealership Loyalty Program

A few ways to introduce your loyalty program is by advertising through Google Ads. There are a variety of ways to spend your advertising dollars to reach your target audience, including social media advertising, push notifications, and search engine ads.

One tip for their next vehicle that captures people’s attention in advertising is to offer a percentage off for all new club members during a specific week. By doing this, you are not forcing your program on them, but exposing them to the benefits.

AutoAwards’ New Automotive Dealership Loyalty Program Services

AutoAwards just launched new services that offer your loyalty rewards customers ways to interact with your dealership on the go! These programs put your dealership at top-of-mind for your customers and help you to gain new prospective customers’ attention.

Mobile Apps 

You can easily add a loyalty program to an app with AutoAwards’ Automotive Dealership Rewards App development. It makes it convenient for customers to check their Rewards balance and see the latest gift certificates they earn through your program.

Social Media Marketing Program

Social Media is changing the way content is shared. It is a way to amplify your marketing reach and share engaging content on multiple platforms. Through AutoAwards’ Automated Social Media Pilot Program, we post daily content to reach your dealership’s prospective clients. Our team and technology do all the work for you so that you can do what you do best in your dealership.

To get started, contact AutoAwards at (302) 696-6000 or contact us to schedule a consultation to talk about your automotive dealership’s loyalty rewards program.


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