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Automotive Dealership Email Marketing

Automotive Dealership Marketing Consultants Build Loyalty With eCommunication Targeting

Automotive Dealership CRM Software Customer RetentionTruly understanding your customer base is an important foundation to a successful auto dealership business. Our automotive dealership CRM software provides you with the data and insights you need. When you embrace our eCommunication targeting platform, the engagement from your customers and potential customers in email and social media is efficient and effective.

You’ll also discover how seamless your automated, personalized email campaigns can be integrated with AutoAwards’ automotive dealership loyalty programs. You will see the benefits of our transactional email marketing solutions as they empower your dealership to reach targeted customers with the right messages throughout their lifecycle of engagement with your business.

Ready to build your automotive dealership’s loyalty base with an integrated approach? Fill out our form or call AutoAwards’ eCommunication automotive dealership marketing consultants at 302-696-6000.

Benefits of Targeted eCommunications in Building Dealership Loyalty

  • Email marketing delivers information to consumers that is easily accessible
    • The average person checks his/her smartphone 34 times daily
    • More than half of all opened emails come from mobile devices
    • In December, two thirds of emails are opened via mobile
  • Email marketing is cost effective
    • For every dollar spent, the ROI is $38
    • Almost 2/3 of consumers buy online because of an email
    • 89% of marketers surveyed use email marketing as their primary lead generator
  • Email marketing keeps your customers and potential customers informed
    • 28% of US shoppers actively seek out information by subscribing to vendor emails

Power Up Your Automotive Digital Marketing with eCycle

Skyrocket your success with email marketing through AutoAwards’ eCycle program. We have in-depth knowledge of the automotive dealership industry, along with our expertise in email communications. Through eCycle, you can reach your customers via automated, yet highly personalized, email campaigns that are timely and effective. When you integrate them with our automotive dealership loyalty program, you boost customer retention even further for your business.

Contact us online to discuss our automotive dealership digital marketing solutions or call 302-696-6000 today to talk about what eCycle can do for your dealership.

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