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Automotive Dealership Loyalty Gift Cards Program

Role of Gift Cards in Your Automotive Dealership Loyalty Program

Automotive dealership loyalty increases when you thank your best customers in the right way at the right time. It’s really that simple. Gift cards are the ultimate way to drive this customer interaction because nothing can make someone’s day quite like receiving one.

In fact, one study shows that 62% of people would prefer to receive a gift card over a traditional present. Gift cards are shown to be the most requested holiday present for 8 consecutive years.

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Examples of Gift Cards that Build Automotive Dealership Loyalty

You know your community and you know your customers. The right gift card choice for your automotive dealership will be uniquely tailored to them in our gift card loyalty rewards program.

For example, you’re hosting a special VIP event. An exclusive invitation to the right customers might be exactly the right choice to send them.

Or, if you live in a city where the local sports team is popular, then a gift card to a local sports-themed restaurant where your customers watch the games might be the best win-win reward for them.

We also have gift certificates and cards that encourage your customers to return to your dealership. The possibilities are endless. AutoAwards is your professional automotive dealership marketing team with consultants who can help you create the right rewards program to boost customer retention.

Integrating Gift Card Rewards Into Your Automotive Dealership Loyalty Program

Choose AutoAwards’ proven gift card rewards strategy to boost your customer retention and your dealership’s bottom line. Our customized gift card loyalty program helps you meet your goals in your unique, local community. Contact AutoAwards online today to talk about our automotive dealership gift card loyalty program or call us at 302-696-6000.

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