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Automotive Dealership Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs Are Critical For Customer Retention And Loyalty

When a car dealer sells prepaid maintenance plans to the purchasers of new and used cars to service only customers and lease customers, they increase their customer retention. A prepaid maintenance program is designed for the geographic location and demographics of the client.

A car dealer increases the purchase of vehicles through offering this service that retains customers. A prepaid maintenance program may include oil changes, filter changes and vehicle inspections as part of the regular service visits of the dealership.

Prepaid Maintenance and Service Packages

These packages are becoming popular as tools for customer retention for both automakers and individual dealerships including independent and franchise lots. Automotive prepaid maintenance programs are able to be implemented for purchase at dealerships.

These plans can be purchased at the time of lease or sale or any time prior to the first scheduled maintenance becoming due. These plans can achieve the loyalty of car buyers and are consistently offering better value through also creating a rewards program. The savings for these plans can be high when compared to purchasing the same services separately.

Increased Customer Retention

Prepaid maintenance programs significantly increase the retention of automotive customers. For a dealership to be profitable and productive they must have the loyalty of their customers. The sales of prepaid maintenance plans are what keep customers returning to their dealership and retain their loyalty. Automotive service retention and customer loyalty are essential for the profits of every dealership.

The Sales of Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Prepaid maintenance plans can also be sold to lease customers so they continue to return to their dealership for both ongoing services and the purchase or lease of their next vehicle. The reason prepaid maintenance plans are sold is to keep customers coming back to the dealership for both vehicle acquisitions and ongoing services.

Prepaid maintenance programs are imperative for customer retention. These programs increase customer loyalty and increase the profits and production of the dealership. There is no reason to wait any longer to begin using a prepaid maintenance program. Contact AutoAwards as soon as possible to ask about a consultation in regards to setting up a dealership automotive prepaid maintenance program.

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