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Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs Repeat Customers

Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs Help Cultivate Positive Consumer Relations

Think about your customers for a moment. When they step into your car dealership, they will encounter salesmen. The staff up front that sells them a car works within the dealership to help get drivers new and used vehicles. But, even though these important people work with consumers directly, there’s an often-forgotten department inside a dealership.

This includes automotive prepaid maintenance programs, which can help not only boost revenue for the dealership, but can help raise customer retention, and satisfaction to over 60 percent. Experts agree, these programs are helpful to both the dealership and the consumer alike.

Sending A Positive Message

Dealerships that offer buyer maintenance programs send a message to their clients every time they come in for any sort of assistance. Whether they get an oil change or something more complex done on their car, a relationship is cultivated. This relationship sends a message to the car owner and family that the dealership genuinely cares. They want to maintain vehicles, and establish a record of service that will send a positive message about them.

Consumers will see the effort that the service department gives and remember that down the line. This goes beyond advertising. This gets to the heart of what service can provide. When you speak to the heart of consumers, they will support you every time they need a new vehicle.

Getting the Right Return Customers

Customer loyalty takes a bit of effort. With the aid of prepaid maintenance programs, return customers will be easier to manage than to go with other lead options. Take for instance advertising. If you advertise, you are going to get leads that are warm, or cold. Either way, you have no track record with the individuals that respond to those ads. They do not have any feeling or memory of your efforts.

With that in mind, consider the customer base that you will have if you get return customers that have a track record of service department support. Fickle consumers will try to take shortcuts when trying to purchase vehicles. Meanwhile return customers will know that you’ll work hard to get them a good deal and service your vehicle.

Training the Service Staff For Real Loyalty

You want previous customers to come back and purchase new cars from you. You want them to feel that the dealership cares about them in a genuine way. It is important to train the service department to advice customers about issues that may be found. Even if they don’t come in for certain tests, go the extra mile by giving them advice about tires, wiper blades, lights that are dimming, and other issues. Do this as a courtesy, and you will establish a positive relationship with them.

Interactions between the rest of the dealership after the sales department does their job, will cultivate a positive relationship with consumers. This genuine relationship will help get repeat business time and time again.

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