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Automotive Dealership Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Automotive Dealership Prepaid Vehicle Maintenance Program: OwnerZONE

Automotive Dealership Loyalty Program Gift Card CustomersProactive automotive dealership prepaid maintenance programs put your dealership in the driver’s seat. AutoAwards’ OwnerZONE program is fully customizable and self-administered. We have ways you can customize your program that include your brand demographics and store that isn’t OEM specific, as well as your:

  • cost structure
  • geographic marketplace
  • customers
  • sales team

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Additional Benefits of Our Vehicle Maintenance Plans

OwnerZONE is an all-encompassing vehicle maintenance program, able to be sold with any new or pre-owned vehicle. You can sell it no matter what the actual mileage of the vehicle. Additional advantages of our automotive dealership prepaid maintenance program include:

  • No high administrative fees
  • No pre-authorization required
  • No third-party interaction

You can build the most profitable automotive dealership vehicle maintenance program thanks to the flexibility of our plan, OwnerZONE. You can also relax knowing that AutoAwards has over 25 years of experience creating auto dealership loyalty programs and marketing that get results.

As one of our clients told us, “Many programs have come and gone through our dealership, all promising to fix one issue or another. This program is the only one I really believe in. I can see the results…”

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