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Customer Brand Loyalty for Automotive Dealerships

The Basics Of Customer Retention For Dealerships

Customer Retention with Subscription/Lease Programs

Consumers can now swap cars with a subscription service, and dealers can become a part of this trend to offer a lease program. This is an important part of customer retention and brand loyalty in the automotive industry. For customers who enjoy the latest vehicle, they can swap cars every year to every few years, based on their preference and new car releases.

Tips to improve customer retention are listed below.

Building Bridges Within Departments

Many dealership departments focus on their own objectives instead of the dealerships’, but don’t blend their strategies with other departments. The departments must make a team effort for the dealership to achieve success by clearly communicating amongst themselves.

Information Available To Consumers

Once a customer has read a review, or visited a website, their first impression is established. Dealerships should be aware of the information available on their website, including special offers and promotions. Trust between the customer and the dealership is achieved through the importance of the first impression, and this includes the digital presence.

Training Your Sales Associates

The relationship between the salesperson and the customer is critical. The sales associate must be well trained, and endorse the services and products of the dealership throughout the buying process. Should the customer leave before buying a car or closing a transaction, they will still understand the benefits the dealership has to offer. Even part-time associates require full training.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Less obstacles promote profits and success. Customer satisfaction is easier to achieve if services are completed quickly and efficiently. A two-hour wait will make any customer lounge lose all appeal. The dealership must view their services and products through the eyes of their customers. Employee feedback is also essential to improve services and customer service.

Retain Customers With AutoAwards’ Loyalty Program

At AutoAwards, we link departments together between service and sales to seamlessly offer customers a full suite of digital purchases. With our Loyalty Program and marketing suite, we take a customer from buying their first vehicle to becoming a service customer, through returning for their next vehicle purchase. We offer high-quality training for your entire staff in each department. In addition, our programs also offer member privileges to create inviting lease packages.

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