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QR Codes in a Dealership Rewards Program

Benefits of Using QR Codes In a Dealership Rewards Program

A recent study at Experian found that 75 percent of companies that use loyalty programs generate a positive ROI. That’s 3 out of every 4! Companies that aren’t utilizing some sort of loyalty program are basically throwing money down the drain.

QR Codes in Loyalty Rewards Programs

QR codes look like the little black boxes you see in supermarkets and you can use your mobile phone camera to scan them. QR codes can be placed virtually anywhere and they link to some sort page or offer. Savvy business owners are already using these to create a more meaningful connection with their buyers.

Taking these facts into consideration, using QR codes that link to an enrollment program would be a smart investment. QR codes already allow you to collect more data about your best customers and allow you to follow up with surveys or offers. Not to mention that almost everyone carries a mobile phone, 70 percent of those being smartphones.

Smartphones usually already have the users’ credit card information as well as the ability to store cookies. Cookies are just bits of stored data that can be used to track online behavior. They also allow people to enroll without any extra effort.

Creative Ways to Boost Customer Retention and Growth

Keeping up with the times is the only way to keep your company relevant through the years. This digital age allows very creative ways to connect with your customers and allow them to provide feedback.

Customers that are enrolled into a loyalty program are more likely to share your company with friends and family. So if you really want your customer to have the best experience with your brand,incorporating a dealer rewards program is a must! Don’t leave money on the table. Set up a consultation now.

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