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Car Dealer Loyalty Programs Grow Satisfied Customers

Car Dealer Loyalty Programs: Grow with Satisfied Customers

Car dealer loyalty programs increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer base while maintaining customer satisfaction. You already have a have an eager customer, now it’s time to exceed your customer’s expectations by providing them with an unforgettable buying experience and boosting customer engagement.

Use a Survey to Get Your Customers’ Opinion

Surveys are a good way to assess your customer’s satisfaction. They don’t have to be long. Even 3 questions are enough to engage your customer and give them a sense that their opinion matters. You can make surveys available while they wait for their vehicle. You can also send it to them through email after service to show that you value your customer’s opinion. Show further value when you are prompt to address any issues that arise from your customer’s answers.

Keep the Communication Lines Open

Communication through various technology is essential to keep in touch with your customer. Use various points of engagement such as customer service (online or phone), email and social media. The greater your engagement, the more your customer will sense their needs are important to you. Be sure that every level of communication is consistent.

Personalize Communication to Your Customers

Boost customer engagement through personalized communication. Provide them with relevant messages at the precise time of their buying journey. In addition, provide your customer with reminders about a specific service. Another way to further value your customer is by sending special offers and rewards.

When developing car dealer loyalty programs, it is important that dealers and OEM’s work together to provide a customer with complete satisfaction. And a satisfied customer will provide feedback that will draw other potential customers.

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