The Compelling Benefits of Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs
Auto Dealership Prepaid Maintenance Program & Rewards

The Compelling Benefits of Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs

It is no secret that today’s auto dealerships are always looking for a way to gain an edge over their competitors. One way to consistently accomplish this is to offer customer loyalty rewards programs that include prepaid dealer services.

Complimentary Benefits Are a Way to Offer Great Customer Value

It is important to provide value to customers by offering complimentary benefits as a part of your prepaid program. Customers who purchase from an auto dealership will want to know what kinds of complimentary services they can expect after the initial sale.

A complimentary prepaid program can provide great value in this area. You can offer your customer benefits such as tire rotations, oil changes, and other types of maintenance services over a set time.

Dealer Prepaid Services Give the Dealership Added Control

A huge benefit of implementing a prepaid program at your dealership is that it gives you added control. However, to take advantage of the program, the customer must return to your dealership to use the benefits.

You Increase Your Chance of Future Vehicle Sales

There is clear evidence that offering your customers a prepaid program for services is an effective way to increase the likelihood that they will purchase their next vehicle from your dealership as well.

In addition, a customer loyalty program provides you with the opportunity to build strong relationships with your customers. It leads to them coming to you again when it is time to repurchase.

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