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Competitive Customer Retention Dealership Strategies

For an auto dealer, it’s important to be ahead of the competition and not to lose customers who need maintenance and auto services. For auto dealers to keep customers and revenue, there are programs dealerships can put in place to achieve customer retention.

Prepaid Maintenance Programs

For customers to frequent your auto dealership, it’s important and necessary to get other departments involved, especially the service department. Prepaid automotive maintenance programs help achieve a higher customer retention rate. With prepaid maintenance programs, customers bring their vehicles into the service department for regular maintenance or to repair problems.

Statistics have shown that customers are loyal to their auto dealership based on prepaid vehicle maintenance programs. We have proof it works from our clients saying how they see the results in their dealerships.

Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards

Customers love getting something back for the money they spend on purchases and regular service. Loyalty programs and gift cards are another way of increasing value to a customer while securing their loyalty.

A study shows that 62% of customers prefer gift cards. AutoAwards sets up gift card programs that work to increase loyalty for your dealership. We customize gift card programs to your dealership and local customer base.

A dealer loyalty rewards program can boost a dealership’s revenue substantially. The program works by keeping members active and frequenting your dealership. We set up the program to work with all of your departments.

Types of Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards that Build Trust

There are different types of gift cards an auto dealership can offer. We tailor the program to fit your needs based on your local area and customers. For example, if your local area enjoys sports, we can create gift cards with tickets to a game. If there’s a good restaurant around your local area, we can offer gift cards in a local program that gives your customers discounts to this location.

If you’re ready to set up your dealership’s gift card and loyalty program, contact AutoAwards today and let’s talk.

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