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How to Create an Auto Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program with Wide Appeal

To remain competitive in your industry, you must come up with ways to reward and appreciate your customers. As you invest in winning their loyalty, they invest in your auto dealership. An auto dealership rewards program is a way to invest in your customers with rewards that interest them. Here’s a few tips on how to create a rewards program with wide appeal.

Features of an Appealing Rewards Program

A simple reward program can double the numbers of customers in a short period. Rewards, such as a stamp card and a punch card, can help you win your customer loyalty. With AutoAwards’ loyalty rewards program, we design a card and program that is custom branded for your dealership. A custom branded program sets your dealership apart from the competition.

In AutoAwards’ loyalty program, we also offer the service of a rewards app. The app is easy to use. It sends the latest discounts to your enrolled customers. It also serves the potential to maximize the number of clients participating in your auto dealership rewards program.

Influential Customer Rewards

Great rewards are more preferred when they are at some of your customers’ favorite places. They also get the option to choose which rewards they receive. As AutoAwards works with you to customize your rewards program, you can choose what their points can go towards.

For example, you can design a reward program where your customers earn points after purchasing service for their vehicle. Then the points can be used when purchasing a gift card or items from the dealership. The auto dealership points program can give them gift certificates for free items to eat at a local restaurant or enjoy a free gift from a favorite local business.

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