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Custom Auto Dealership Loyalty Program Gift Rewards

Benefit Local Economy with Auto Dealership Loyalty Programs

AutoAwards creates customer loyalty programs for auto dealerships that offer a unique approach to build customer retention. Our multichannel loyalty and communication platform keeps customers engaged and coming back to you from the time they own the car they purchased from your dealership. One of our goals for your dealership is to have your customers return when looking for a new vehicle.

Custom Created Auto Dealership Rewards Programs

Our flexible technology gives you the opportunity to offer rewards like no other dealership around you, which keeps customers coming back. We personally train and assist our clients in collecting more detailed customer data. By using customer data, you can gain better insight to ensure you’re giving customers the best, most personalized experiences.

Loyalty Points Programs 

Incentives programs allow customers to earn points and rewards which are based on your dealership’s customized program. AutoAwards creates your program to consistently reward your best customers, keeping them coming back to use their rewards in your dealership.

With this service, we offer complete turnkey support, real-time data reports, goal assessment, and benchmarking.

Gifts & Rewards 

A custom auto dealership loyalty program lets you tell your customers just how much you appreciate their business. One of the rewards programs we offer is a gift card program. People love gifts and gift cards.

Here’s some of the things you could offer your customers:

  • Dealership Gift Certificates
  • VIP Event Invitation
  • Referral Incentives
  • Dinner at Their Favorite Restaurant

Get Started With Your Auto Dealership Loyalty Program 

AutoAwards helps you create your dealership’s custom rewards program. With a variety of rewards to choose from, you will be able to thank your customers for their patronage in the most custom, personalized way. Call us today!

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AutoAwards Team

Since our founding in 1991, AutoAwards has been widely recognized as the industry-leader in automotive and marine loyalty marketing, earning longstanding relationships with many of the industry’s most successful dealer groups and OEMs. AutoAwards understands the #1 predictive factor for dealer growth and profitability. Customer loyalty is the most successful way to build revenue. AutoAwards has always recognized the need for top notch, highly creative, effective loyalty strategies in large and small businesses alike. Contact us online to talk about dealer loyalty or call (800) 405-4227.

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