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Car Dealership CRM Tool For Leads

CRM Tools: Trends In the Automotive Industry for Dealerships

There are 5 important CRM trends in the automotive industry that will help to improve a dealership’s bottom line. Technology is evolving and CRM software for the automotive industry enhances sales. It’s like any other industry where trends will keep changing the way business operations are performed.

Here’s 5 trends that help automotive dealers increase efficiency and profit:

  1. Improved digital communication

Technology improvement is bringing dealerships into a better business environment. In these days, people prefer to communicate digitally to research instead of taking up time in showrooms. According to Cox’s automotive study of 2017, they concluded that most people would prefer digital negotiations to in-person. They also reported that most people do not contact the dealership upon their first visit and instead walk in.  A dealership can understand the initial contact and influencing from potential customers to walk into the dealership through having CRM processes in place.

According to Cox’s study, 1 in 5 new car buyers did not buy from a dealership based on having a poor sales experience.  If they have CRM processes in place, a dealership might also then understand what inventory to keep in stock and how to create the best possible sales experience.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This helps the CRM to be able to record and store the client’s information. It has become easier than filtering through referrals, inventory data, and leads. It is now easy to pull out information and run the reports is currently less daunting. Little time is now spent on data collection and measurement, and the rest used on other important issues, including customer service.

  1. Mobility features enhanced

CRM tools for dealerships are there to help with selling cars, but it is also freeing up employees’ time for other assignments. Salespeople are known to put in a lot of communication to close a deal. With recent mobile incorporation CRM apps, salespeople can set up emails, text messages, and other forms of communication more easily.

  1. Accountable dashboard

Car sales is an industry that has high competition and suffers a loss when employing unproductive workers. The CRM dashboard helps to keep records of all activity between the automated system and staff. Dealerships would be able to reward top performers and set goals with low performers based on the activity reporting features from the CRM tool.

  1. Lead assignment advantage

Leads can be assigned automatically and digitally, which can communicate with staff across devices. Having this capability ensures follow up and communication with the lead. The CRM also can note accountability from every action taken in communication with a lead.

To get your dealership set up with automotive CRM software, contact AutoAwards and let’s talk about your campaigns and specific goals.

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