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Customer-centric automotive marketing solutions

3 Customer-Centric Auto Marketing Solutions

Automotive Marketing Consultants Discuss Customer-Centric Strategies

Entertainer and entrepreneur Jimmy Dean once said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination.” Change can be intimidating but it can also be exhilarating to embrace the adventure of something new. Sometimes, too, what looks like an obstacle can turn out to be a huge opportunity.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that risk is involved as you seek to respond effectively to a continually evolving marketplace. Once upon a time, this was all about telling them all about you. Now, it’s become all about listening to them.

Welcome to what has become a dominant trend in marketing. Welcome to customer-centric service, where the first priority is to provide clients with an experience that is intensely personal, value-laden, and driven by in depth research and metrics.

Take a look below to find three things customer-centricity is changing about the world of marketing and how you can profit from those changes in 2017.

Measure up. You cannot know your customers too well, explains Forbes. To give them the experience they want, you need to get inside their heads, so put the right technology in place to measure online performance and track the customer journey. Be scrupulous about regularly assessing your metrics and, when something isn’t on target, make changes quickly. Do whatever is necessary to engage your clients in an ongoing conversation about what they are looking for and what you can do to make your products and services better for them. Enlist the help of everyone on your team and get their feedback about innovations that could add value. Most of all, remember that this is never a one-shot effort but a long term strategy that will keep your company competitive.

Focus on improving the customer experience and adding value. How do you effectively set your business apart when the streets are thick with competition? Give your customers a distinctively personalized service that acknowledges their preferences and lifestyle (which you now know because of following up on your metrics). This doesn’t mean that you stop talking about your product and its features. But let the conversation begin with what your client is looking for and how you can help him or her. In this context, sales opportunities arrive without as much effort and closing the sale becomes a lot easier, too. Find more information here.

Think creatively. Because the marketplace will be increasingly competitive with consumers looking for highly specific and customized products/services, creativity and responsiveness are key. Every member of your company is part of your customer service department. Every interface with clients is an opportunity. So whether you answer the phone, work in the service department, help with technology or work in management, you are an important part of designing a seamless first class experience for you customers. The more insight and information you pool from every strata of your company, the more effective your efforts are likely to be. The only rule is that it be directed by and for your clients. Here’s more.

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Since 1991, AutoAwards has been assisting dealerships big and small in offering unique solutions, and we have the expertise to create a program to meet the unique needs of your dealership. Our goal is to help you obtain better customer data to create personalized customer experiences that resonate and keep them coming back. We can help you create engagement and build long term relationships with your clientele. Find out more about our customer-centric automotive marketing solutions. Or call AutoAwards at 302-696-6000.

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