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Custom Automotive Dealership Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Customized dealer rewards programs benefit your dealership

Build Automotive Brand Loyalty through Customization

Customization elevates customer loyalty and encourages ongoing engagement with your brand. By offering increasingly personalized products to consumers, businesses big and small are discovering that customizing services and merchandise is a pathway to longevity and success in the marketplace.

Here are specific examples from other industries. “Product customization helps brands boost sales on their own websites or gain share on a retailer’s site. For example, Pepperidge Farm customers now design Goldfish crackers, and Jawbone customers configure their own Jambox speakers. Trek enables cyclists to build a bike from the ground up. And Brooks Brothers allows men to create their own suits.”

Let’s back up a bit and explain the implications of customization for the consumer. Customization means having the opportunity to make pleasing choices based on personal preferences. When you walk into a Starbucks and say you want a tall iced chai latte with whipped cream, and a smiling barista hands you your beverage three minutes later just as requested, you’ve just enjoyed customization. When you get into your car and immediately change the radio settings from your spouse’s favorite stations to your own, you have a created your own moment of customization.

The notion of customization flows out of a customer-centric business model. By providing excellent value to consumers and allowing them freedom to create their own unique products, the interaction and bonding between a client and your brand becomes deep, personal and meaningful. Products and services take on a heightened relevance that leads to increased customer loyalty.

Again, more specifics. “Beyond the pure size of the opportunity, our survey showed that those customers who had customized a product online engaged more with the company. They visited its website more frequently, stayed on the page longer and were more loyal to the brand (see Figure 1). In footwear, for instance, our research determined that customers who designed their own shoes gave companies a 50% higher Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®)—a standard way of measuring customer loyalty—than customers who bought regular products from the same manufacturer.”

By seeking an in-depth understanding of users, businesses can deliver services in customized, creative ways that leave a lasting impression. Most importantly, your brand will be adopted as part of the customer’s lifestyle, plans, and even personal image. Clients become active, willing participants in the lives of their preferred companies.

Personalized Auto Loyalty Programs

Automotive brand loyalty matters. With the development of new technologies and increasing competition, all dealerships need to position themselves to thrive in our fast paced economy. By opting to further customize service in your own business, you provide tangible and meaningful incentives for customers to do business with you.

For over 25 years, AutoAwards has been at the forefront in developing top notch automotive brand loyalty strategies and dealer rewards programs for dealerships of all sizes. We can assist you in providing your customers with memorable and branded experiences that will keep them engaged with you throughout the entire customer lifecycle. They will be delighted when products and services truly meet their needs.  Your company benefits by maintaining their loyalty and as they increase their spend.

By utilizing our automotive loyalty points program or our automotive gift rewards, you can reward valuable customers with exclusive rebate points they can apply to their next purchase or gift certificates, prepaid maintenance services and more. When you team up with us at AutoAwards, we will design a program that fits your needs, your particular market, and your budget.

Give the team at AutoAwards fifteen minutes to tell you how our proven auto loyalty programs will make this year your best ever! Or call us at 302-696-6000 to talk about our dealer rewards programs.

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