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Automotive Dealership Loyalty Preloaded Gift Cards

Build Automotive Dealership Loyalty with AutoAwards’ Custom Gift Card Solution

76% of shoppers in the United States say that loyalty programs are part of their relationship with a particular business, according to Social Annex. What’s most important is to offer the right rewards to your best customers at precisely the right time. AutoAwards offers a customizable gift card solution with pre-loaded services or value that allows you to create an effective automotive dealership loyalty program, whether you do or don’t use a points-based platform.

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Discover Possibilities with AutoAwards’ Automotive Dealership Loyalty Program

Here’s a few examples of how you could pre-load your gift cards so they can be redeemed:

  • Prepaid maintenance services
  • Dollars to use in your dealership’s boutique or café
  • VIP benefits

Goals For Your Automotive Dealership Preloaded Gift Card Loyalty Program

Here’s a few goals we use in your automotive dealership preloaded gift card loyalty program that have consistently performed with the best results for our clients:

  • You can use these gift cards to monitor predetermined activities. You are limited only by your imagination. When you work with AutoAwards, we help you integrate preloaded gift cards with monitoring software, such as a CRM solution.
  • The goal of your program is to build a long-term relationship between your dealership and your customers. Building the long-term relationship is what matters the most. The way you go about this is to offer rewards so your best customers return to your dealership for repeat purchases. Having an effective loyalty building solution strengthens overall brand and dealership-specific engagement.
  • Your aim should be to attract and engage with the right customers. Then you use the loyalty program interactions to further understand your customers’ wants and needs. AutoAwards can customize ways for you to do that can be as unique as your dealership and local marketing area.

Choose AutoAwards’ Automotive Dealership Loyalty Gift Card Program

We have helped automotive dealerships build customer loyalty since 1991. If you’re unsure about which incentive program to choose for your customers, speak with one of our loyalty program experts today and we can brainstorm solutions together. AutoAwards is the experienced professional auto dealership marketing consultants you can trust and rely on.

Contact AutoAwards online to talk about your automotive dealership loyalty program possibilities today, or call us at 302-696-6000.


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