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Automotive marketing solutions: Keep it Local

Dealer loyalty programs put you in your community’s hub

Automotive Marketing Solutions: Effective and Close to Home

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the conquering of regional, national, or even international markets begins with your local market – and, in fact, you should place a premium on your local market. Seem counterintuitive? Read on.

Ultimately, business is based on relationships, and nobody has the opportunity to win a prospective customer like their local retailer. Why? Because when someone goes to his or her local retail establishment, that person connects with a name, face and friendly environment. If he or she feels valued, listened to and cared for, in return for your investment in time into that person, you will most likely have a continuing source of business.

In short:

  • Personal relationships drive sales.
  • Local markets are the premier place for relationships and dealer loyalty to flourish.

Today, customization is a buzz word in marketing, and successful businesses know how to deliver products and services that meet and surpass client expectations. Exceptional customization is built on a meticulous understanding of the people you serve. Because of your location, you have immediate and intimate knowledge of things like the local economy, seasonal changes, upcoming events and more. As a local retailer you are positioned to more accurately identify customer concerns and pain points. Your automotive marketing solutions can therefore be highly responsive and cost effective because they are founded on accurate information gleaned through relationships with your client base.

No matter where you live, your business will thrive as you engage with your local community. If you also choose to support other businesses in your community and network with them, then your local economy grows along with your business and brand.

Plus, the best marketing in the world is the kind that others do for you by word of mouth, and your local community is the ideal place for this kind of magic to happen. Chances are that the people being newly introduced to your business are thirty minutes or less away from you and will walk through your door sometime in the not too distant future. Repeat business is also more likely to happen because now they know you, and you’re in the neighborhood.

Community initiatives are another means to connect with those you’d like to serve and let them get to know you. Whether you are helping a Little League baseball team or sponsoring an event for the local food bank, people will remember your generosity. Giving back to the community you live in is also a great way to rally your staff around a worthy local cause. Everybody wins.

AutoAwards: Your Automotive Marketing Consultant Keeps it Local

More than 3.5 million people are members of AutoAwards’ dealer loyalty programs, earning loyalty points redeemable at over 350 dealerships in the United States and Canada. So, why not leverage that powerful network by becoming the center of your local economy? Here’s how.

Our Keep it Local program is enhancing local communities, connecting local businesses and providing loyal customers with rewards customized to their preferences. Individual dealerships participating in our dealer loyalty programs can hand select local merchants as part of a local network. These merchants don’t need to pay to participate, just offer specials deals and/or discounts to customers with your keycard. This is a powerful way for dealerships to make a meaningful impact in their community and provide value for the customers.

Interested in learning more about the Keep it Local program? Contact us today for a free fifteen-minute consultation about how our automotive marketing solutions can up your game in the local market. Or call 302-696-6000.

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