Dealership Loyalty Programs - A Strategy for Boosting Sales and Customer Retention Rates
Auto Dealership Loyalty Programs Boost Customer Retention

Dealership Loyalty Programs — A Strategy for Boosting Sales and Customer Retention Rates

Automotive customer retention is one of the most important factors that govern success for today’s dealerships. A dealership has to find ways to stand apart from its competition. Starting a branded loyalty program helps dealerships earn repeat customers.

At AutoAwards, we are the leading loyalty program consultants. We want to tell you more about how a branded dealership loyalty program can help you boost automotive customer retention at your dealership.

Customers Feel Valued When They Are Offered a Loyalty Program

Rewarding customers through a loyalty program is a proven way to make them feel that their business is valued.

Loyalty Programs Encourage Repeat Automotive Purchases

Repeat business is the primary goal of inspiring customer loyalty. Statistics show that loyalty rewards program members will spend up to 67% more than first-time buyers.

A Loyalty Program Can Help Your Brand to Stand Out

The right loyalty rewards program can be an effective way to ensure that your auto dealership brand stands out from the pack of competitors. Our team at AutoAwards specializes in helping you to develop a program that will allow you to accomplish this goal.

Loyalty Programs Bring in More Referrals

Referrals from loyal customers can make a huge difference in your goal of bringing in new ones. Your loyal rewards program members are one of your most powerful forms of advertising when you inspire them with compelling incentives.

Loyalty Program Members Tend to Spend More

Loyalty program members feel that they are saving money by joining, but the reality is that they will spend more at your dealership than non-members.

You Will Gain Valuable Customer Insights That Are Actionable

The ability to more accurately track customer behavior is a huge benefit your dealership enjoys when you add a loyalty rewards program.

Loyalty Programs Help You Retain Your Dealership’s Best Customers

Keeping your best customers coming back for further services and vehicle purchases is vital to the growth of your dealership, and it is another area where loyalty programs help out.

A Loyalty Program Can Help to Bring Back Lost Customers

A loyalty rewards program can also give customers that you have lost a reason to return by rewarding them for staying with your business. Whether you’re looking to reduce customer churn or increase customer retention, a loyalty program is the answer.

Learn About How AutoAwards Can Help You Launch a Local Marketing Program

Reach out to our team at AutoAwards today to speak with one of our loyalty program consultants about how we can help you launch your local marketing program for your dealership, including loyalty rewards. You can reach out to us by messaging us online, or you can give us a call at 302-696-6000 to take advantage of your consultation with one of our auto dealership loyalty program experts.

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