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Auto dealership loyalty program boosts customer retention

The Right Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program Can Overcome Customer Retention Challenges

Due to the nature of the auto dealership business, several key factors can lead to challenges when it comes to customer retention. At the heart of things is that the auto industry experiences a low frequency of purchases from individual customers. This can lead to dealerships finding themselves lacking in data on specific customers and lacking sufficient overall interaction. Due to these types of challenges, a dealer rewards program can bridge the gap and assist a dealership in overcoming customer retention challenges.

Boost Loyalty

A few things that dealerships should know about regarding this topic include the fact that nearly all customers who sign up for a rewards program will provide their email address with their application. It is also of key importance to note that dealerships that offer real incentives for customers to return to their business could see a sales boost as much as twenty percent.

AutoAwards also notes that loyalty members spend an average of 11% more per year with a dealership. These points help to illustrate the value that one of these programs can offer to your dealership.

An Auto Rewards Program Offers Many Key Benefits

The benefits of creating a loyalty program from AutoAwards includes assistance with assessing goals, staff training services, and reporting data back in real-time.

A Way to Stay Better Connected with Your Customers

The right loyalty program can help to connect effectively with customers in a way that encourages retention. These programs also allow for a dealership to provide a new level of convenience to customers.

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