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Power of gift cards

Discover another key component to building auto loyalty

Gift Cards: the Universal Gift, Ideal to Build Auto Loyalty

“Whether you are buying a gift card from someone’s favorite clothing store or giving free downloads from iTunes to the music lover in your life, gift cards guarantee that people will love what you give them.” (

Nothing can make someone’s day quite like receiving a gift card. In fact it has been reported that 62% of people would like to receive a gift card instead of a traditional gift. Plus, gift cards have been the most highly requested holiday gift for 8 years consecutively. In addition, gift cards have a greater perceived value than that of traditional gifts. Almost half of all consumers polled reported preferring a $25 gift card over an item valued at $50. (Now, think about that last statistic! Gift cards are treasured, even when at HALF the value of the other choice! That says something.)

Gift cards are also very popular as corporate incentives. According the Incentive Gift Card Council, they are more effective than cash with three out of four survey respondents saying they could create a “more exciting and memorable program using . . . gift cards than they could with cash.”

So, why are they so popular? Well, it isn’t always easy to get someone exactly the right gift, right? In fact, so many missteps are made when gift shopping that nearly 50 billion dollars’ worth of holiday gifts are returned every single year. That’s crazy, isn’t it? In many instances, duplicate gifts have to be at the core of these returns, but you never can have too many gift cards because they allow you the option to choose what you truly want.

Plus, when you give someone a gift card from a favorite place, whether it’s a restaurant, bookstore, clothing boutique and so forth, you’re basically giving them free money along with permission to use it on themselves! A car-related gift card allows the owner to spend it on an urgent need or on something that isn’t necessary needed, but sure is wanted. They’re just an all-around practical choice.

Gift Cards and Building Auto Loyalty

Working with a dealer loyalty program that integrates gift card rewards is a time-tested strategy in increasing your customer retention and, in turn, increasing your bottom line. Plain and simple, customers love gift cards, and they are more likely to revisit your dealership if given an incentive to do so. AutoAwards’ dealer loyalty program can help you do this by customizing an auto loyalty program geared towards meeting your goals.

Find out more how AutoAwards offers gift card options as part of dealer loyalty programs and overall automotive digital marketing. Contact us online to discuss your automotive digital marketing needs or call us at 302-696-6000.

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