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Does Gift Card Marketing Work To Attract Customers To A Dealership?

Many types of businesses use gift cards for promotions. In regards to a dealership, the revenue from the cards more than covers the cost. These cards make customers feel valued. An individual is more likely to make a purchase from a dealer who offers gift cards.

One successful dealer offered a $25.00 gift card for a Visa or Amazon with an appraisal for a trade or a test drive. This brought more people to the dealership, even if they did not think they were interested in purchasing a vehicle. Sometimes the really valuable gift cards are only given to the individuals who have actually purchased a new car.

The Lure Of Gift Cards

Offering a higher value gift card when a customer purchases a new car is an excellent strategy. Although it is doubtful the person will purchase another car, they will probably give the card to someone they know who is looking to purchase. This can create another sale for the dealership.

Since most dealerships have a service center, they can offer gift cards for services. A dealer rewards program can offer a gift card to cover an oil change or a tune-up. If the customer is pleased with the service they receive, chances are they will come back. This brings in more business to the dealership’s service center.

Dealership Gift Cards

In addition to their customers, dealerships also give gift cards to good prospects. A dealership gift cards program may give away a card to anybody who comes in for a test drive. The cards may be for a rebate on purchasing a new car or for a retail store or even a car wash. While the person is driving the car, it gives the salesman the opportunity to try to make a sale.

Going to a dealership to consult and ask questions is always a good idea. The dealership will be happy to assist you.

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