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Drive past competition with our automotive marketing company

Niche Marketing for the Automotive Industry: Drive Past Your Competition

This may sound obvious, but it’s important that you spend your time, energy and resources marketing to your laser-targeted audience. So, the more you know about your audience, the more you will pass by your competitors. And, the best place to learn more about your potential target audience is by gleaning knowledge from your current customer base. This information will trump everything, including prognostications about marketing trends from the latest business guru. Here are additional tips about marketing to your dealership’s audience that our automotive marketing consultant team have found to be highly effective.

First, relationships are key. Your relationship with your customers and your desire to serve them is the compass that guides the development of your dealership brand. By listening to their stories, frustrations and concerns, and then responding in a distinctly helpful way is how you create and refine your valuable brand. The customer receives a product or service they truly value, and you secure a loyal customer base.

When you know  your ideal clientele and are invested in providing answers to their problems, the competition may be able to compete with price but they cannot come close to the passion, know-how and caring you are exemplifying in your niche.

Choosing a Niche Automotive Marketing Consultant

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. So, when it’s time to market your dealership, having technologies designed for the industry makes an immeasurable difference in a fast paced environment where customer contact is crucial and no one has time to waste with complicated techie stuff.

Imagine software programs that are customized to your business and to the critical information your dealership needs to track. As one of our clients told us, “Many programs have come and gone through our dealership, all promising to fix one issue or another. This program is the only one I really believe in. I can see the results…”

Our automotive marketing company has developed technologies and programs with you in mind, knowing you want super accurate data that can be accessed with ease and updated efficiently. We’ve been serving in the automotive industry since 1991 and our clients will tell you that we mean what we say and we deliver the goods: technologies, analysis and programs that will take your dealership to the next level in terms of growth, customer loyalty, building your brand and, of course, your bottom line.

We believe that success in the auto industry is not a product of luck but of hard work, careful planning, passion for excellence, and care for your customers. We are excited to partner with you and put our experience at your fingertips to help you build your dealership. Whether your business is big or small, we can help you develop better service, a wider customer base and greater profitability. AutoAwards is committed to making things happen for your business and we have the record to back it up. For a free consultation about how AutoAwards can dramatically improve your marketing for the automotive industry, contact us online or call 302-696-6000.

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Since our founding in 1991, AutoAwards has been widely recognized as the industry-leader in automotive and marine loyalty marketing, earning longstanding relationships with many of the industry’s most successful dealer groups and OEMs. AutoAwards understands the #1 predictive factor for dealer growth and profitability. Customer loyalty is the most successful way to build revenue. AutoAwards has always recognized the need for top notch, highly creative, effective loyalty strategies in large and small businesses alike. Contact us online to talk about dealer loyalty or call (800) 405-4227.

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