4 Essential Tips for Building Auto Dealership Customer Loyalty
Auto Dealership Customer Loyalty Tips for Local Marketing Program

4 Essential Tips for Building Auto Dealership Customer Loyalty

Customer retention is a crucial factor in success in the automotive dealership industry. Statistics show that it is around 15% easier to make a successful sale to an existing customer than a new one. Our team at AutoAwards wants to tell you more about car brand loyalty and how you can build it at your dealership using car dealer loyalty programs. These are four essential tips for building auto dealership customer loyalty.

How to Create Loyal Customers

At the heart of building customer loyalty is the concept of constructing stable relationships between your dealership and your customers. Current statistics suggest that only 45% of automotive customers remain loyal to the service department where they bought their car within the first two years.

Finding ways to boost this percentage at your automotive dealership can make a big difference in your overall bottom line. The following four tips will help you accomplish this.

  1. Give Customers a Reason to Return

Giving customers a reason to return is key to long-term loyalty. Try offering them rewards such as complimentary maintenance gifts that will help to establish a loyal relationship. The relationship develops due to ongoing interactions when they come in for vehicle maintenance.

  1. Maintain Good Communication with Customers

Effective communication is another key to building customer loyalty. Stay in touch regarding after-sale car care but focus on potential new sales.

  1. The Importance of Memorable In-Person Interactions

In-person interactions are another opportunity to make an impression on a customer that will inspire loyalty. These in-person experiences need to deliver a customer experience that is memorable and full of positives.

  1. Make the Customer Experience Feel Exclusive

Offering incentives and benefits that feel exclusivity is another way to keep customers returning to your dealership. Loyalty programs that provide real benefits such as a special service offer and rebates effectively accomplish this goal.

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