Find Your Most Loyal Customers by Tapping into Your Local Market
Local Customers Build Auto Dealership Rewards Program

Find Your Most Loyal Customers by Tapping into Your Local Market


Finding ways to connect with your local community is one of the most effective ways to build your auto dealership’s brand and inspire customer loyalty. Our team at AutoAwards wants to help you launch a customer reward program for auto dealerships that will help you tap into your local market and build customer loyalty.

Build a Local Brand

Becoming relevant in your local market is essential to encouraging your dealership’s customers to remain loyal to your brand. A well-crafted loyalty rewards program can help you accomplish this goal. One of the most effective ways to help you achieve this is to build partnerships with other, non-competing local businesses.

Local Partnerships Help You to Build Brand Loyalty

There are a lot of benefits to building partnerships with local businesses in other sectors. Partnerships can be one of the most effective ways to offer compelling rewards that your customers will want to earn through staying loyal to your brand. At AutoAwards, one of the critical facets of our loyalty rewards programs includes building partnerships through our Keep It Local Program. This program helps auto dealerships partner up with other local businesses to offer exclusive discounts.

Make Your Loyalty Rewards Program Convenient for Customers

It is essential to make your loyalty rewards program as convenient as possible for your customers. This includes making it possible for on-demand balance checking and viewing of rewards they earned.

How Rewards Programs Build High Levels of Customer Engagement

A good rewards program will help you to understand your customers better. It will also help you engage with them in meaningful ways that encourage them to continue doing business with your dealership.

Rewards Programs and Data

When you choose a loyalty rewards program through AutoAwards, you benefit from data reporting that we deliver to you in real-time. We also help with complete turn-key support services and assistance with the setting of goals.

Find Out About Launching Your Local Rewards Program

Find out more about starting your local marketing program focused on automotive customer retention. Our team at AutoAwards is the leader in the customer reward program for auto dealerships. We are ready to provide you with a consultation to explain how our services can benefit your business. You can reach us online, or you can give us a call at 302-696-6000.

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