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Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Focusing on Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs

One of the options that dealers give their clients is that of automotive prepaid maintenance programs. These programs are on top of warranties and other options available. This is an optional contrast or upsell, that is added to the monthly payment of a vehicle so that a variety of different components are covered to upkeep the maintenance of their vehicle.

As you look into automotive prepaid maintenance programs, you’ll find that they cover a majority of parts, and issues that are in line with the scheduled inspections and fixes that are found in the owner’s manual. It should be noted that this is not the same as an extended warranty. This helps preventative and scheduled maintenance that may not be covered by warranties, making it an ideal upgrade for many consumers.

Going Beyond Brand Maintenance Offers

There are some car manufacturers that already include this when you buy a new car. Companies like Land Rover, BMW, Jaguar, and others have this, if you buy a new car, or you buy certain models. The full scale of what their maintenance covers, however, may be different than what a dealer may offer as an additional option.

A dealership can retain its customer base, increase it, and continually make profit when a prepaid program is sold. These programs ensures a relationship between the dealer and the consumer through the service department, and that goes a long way to perhaps selling a new car, and continued loyalty.

Trading Up Vehicles

Perhaps one of the best things that can happen when dealers sell prepaid programs is that they can promote trading in cars, and selling new ones to existing customer bases. This works through 3 major elements.

Drop in Pricing

When a customer has their car checked out, or fixed, they will have a working relationship with the dealership. They will no doubt walk around, and look to see the pricing and options of cars in the showroom. They can even be given new information about trading in their cars, value drops, and perhaps even upgrade while in the store.

No Hidden Fees

One of the things that consumers complain about the most when it comes to their cars, is the cost of maintaining them. When dealers sell automotive prepaid programs, they ensure that the costs of maintaining vehicles doesn’t exponentially rise over time. The costs are fixed, and that means saving money, and cultivating a positive framework within the minds of consumers. That turns into sales down the line.

Making Life Simple

If nothing else, programs of this type can help make life simple for consumers. If they aren’t thinking about maintenance costs, breakdowns, or anything that may hinder their daily routine, they can think about other things, and eventually may want to upgrade with the dealer that has been giving them peace of mind for some time.

Above all else, it’s imperative that dealers and consumers are on the same page when it comes to prepaid maintenance. They should know exactly what is covered, what is not covered, costs, and more. That way consumers are made to feel as though they are making an educated decision, which reflects well on the dealer, for future involvement.

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