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Habit of being proactive: vehicle maintenance plans and more

Importance of Being Proactive (in Vehicle Maintenance and in Life!)

FranklinCovey is well known, worldwide, for its leadership development program titled 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. When asked if any one of these habits was the most important, the FranklinCovey blogger points out that they are all important, creating an “inter-connected whole or a continuum.”

However, the blogger also acknowledges that one crucial habit forms the foundation of them all. That habit reads: “Be Proactive.” All other habits depend upon having a proactive state of mind, and it’s important to remember that you always have a choice about how to respond to a particular situation.

Most people, of course, don’t plan to NOT be proactive. Their intentions are good! Some people miss opportunities to be proactive because their lives are especially hectic at the moment, while others have developed patterns of procrastination (Psychology Today says that 20 percent of people self-identify as chronic procrastinators! Here is a test to see if you have procrastination tendencies.)

If you do procrastinate, MindTools.com offers a three-step program to overcome this:

  • Recognize that you’re procrastinating.
  • Work out why you’re procrastinating.
  • Adopt anti-procrastination strategies.

You can find significantly more detail about each step in the article, and here is a helpful video:

Dealers, Help Customers: Proactive Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Here are three realities:

  • Many, perhaps even most, of your customers are busy people.
  • When they add car shopping to their schedules, they become even busier.
  • If you can help your busy customers to make smart financial decisions, this will help them to develop more loyalty to your dealership.

One excellent service that you can provide to your customers to help them make smart choices is an automotive prepaid maintenance program. When people invest in a maintenance program, they are far more likely to have timely maintenance done on their vehicles, which helps to keep the vehicles running well, to get good fuel economy and to maintain resale value. (Conversely, when someone doesn’t properly maintain a vehicle, then warranties may become void, among other challenges.) When you provide this type of program to your customers, you help them to protect their investment.

AutoAwards offers dealerships prepaid vehicle maintenance plans that put you – the dealership – in the driver’s seat. Our program has no high administrative fees and there is no pre-authorization required, and no third-party interaction.

Our program is called OwnerZONE and it will help your dealership to build loyalty and F&I revenue. Other advantages of our program include:

  • Fully customizable
  • Branded to your store; not OEM specific
  • Suitable with any new or pre-owned vehicle, regardless of actual mileage

Here’s our promise to you: OwnerZONE provides you with the flexibility to build the most profitable plans that are designed specifically for your store, your brand demographics, your cost structure and your geographic marketplace.

Discover more about OwnerZONE, our prepaid vehicle maintenance plan, today.

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