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How an App Can Increase Customer Loyalty

App-based Automotive Loyalty Programs are a Top Priority in a Tech-Savvy World

Customer loyalty is the mainstay of a dealership. A good online presence increases the chance of a customer paying attention by 10-fold, but it’s also important to ensure that online customers choose to come back. Repeat business is something that needs to be earned. Here’s how an auto dealership can earn customer loyalty through an app-based loyalty program.

Be At the Forefront Of Customers’ Minds

Investing in an innovative or creative campaign will help keep you in the forefront of customers’ minds. In today’s more technological world, that takes a bit more than simply offering a discount card or a passive point-collection program. Customers already have more options these days and the means to investigate potential competitors.

Engage Customers in an App

Active automotive loyalty programs with app engagement or email updates keep your dealership relevant. You can advertise the latest offers or upcoming events or send informative videos to establish your dealership as a reliable authority.

The app also automatically shows their rewards balance. You create immediate engagement and incentive for return business and customer loyalty when customers can check the rewards they earn in the app. The app is convenient for customers to check rewards and learn about discounts from local partnerships in their neighborhood. Having all of this at their fingertips leads to happy customers, which can lead to word-of-mouth referrals through customers that share news about your app with family and friends.

Apps are a part of today’s tech-based commerce. Coupled with current email notices, they make your dealership a go-to resource for existing customers.

How to Implement an App for Your Loyalty Program

AutoAwards is specialist in auto dealership loyalty marketing services used by hundreds of dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. They create ground-up campaigns to match each client’s priorities. These days, possibilities for customer connectivity are more numerous than ever. Talk with an AutoAwards consultant at 302-696-6000 to discuss creating your loyalty program today.

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