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Auto Dealership Customer Loyalty Prepaid Maintenance Program

How Auto Dealership Departments Can Interlink for Effective Customer Loyalty

In the past, auto dealerships would sell a vehicle to a consumer and then hope that they return in the future. There was not a way to track a consumer’s loyalty to the dealership. Most dealerships would send coupons in the mail and hope for the customer to return in order to take advantage of the savings. They could track the effectiveness of the coupons from the code printed on them through over-the-phone or in-person orders.

Unfortunately, this strategy was not always effective. As a result, auto dealerships have embraced using online advertising, email marketing, social media and loyalty programs. When looking to ensure customer loyalty automotive industry, dealerships will want to focus on offering programs for not only the vehicles they sell but also the services they provide to understand their customers. One of the programs that can be quite effective is automotive prepaid maintenance programs.

Connect Sales and Service with a Maintenance Program

With new car sales, you can now connect your sales department with service. AutoAwards’ automotive prepaid maintenance program puts you in the driver’s seat to customize a program for your customers. Whether you’re selling a new or pre-owned vehicle, you can offer your customer a maintenance program.

The program’s goal is to keep the customer engaged with the auto dealership through ongoing service. Added to the rewards program, customers benefit from ongoing incentives and points that lead to rewards. The entire program is connected to the local community, through which, your customer will earn rewards cards, discounts, and more from your dealership and local businesses.

Maintain Consistent, Positive Communication

It is important for an auto dealership to maintain communication that is consistent. This usually includes interaction in email communications with customers. AutoAwards also has an app available to provide updates to your customers about their rewards. Based on your customers’ interactions with the auto dealership, you can tailor your emails to their specific interests, car type, maintenance reminders, and rewards or discounts at the dealership and in the local area.

Tracking Overall Performance

In today’s times, tracking online marketing campaigns for auto dealerships is much easier than asking for the code on mailers. It’s done automatically through a CRM software system. Each link in an email can be tracked if a customer clicks it. Even whether a customer opens the email is tracked. In addition, you can track a customer’s visits to the service department. The tracking allows a dealership useful data so you know when it is time for a customer to come in for maintenance, when they may need a new vehicle, and their ongoing interaction with the auto dealership. Your dealership can determine how productive and efficient your marketing efforts are and entice customers to continue shopping with you.

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