How Auto Dealerships Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Prepaid Maintenance Programs
Auto dealership prepaid maintenance programs

How Auto Dealerships Can Avoid the Pitfalls of Prepaid Maintenance Programs


It’s essential for every business, especially a car dealership, to attract new customers as often as possible. However, attracting them is only the first step. Keeping them loyal is the next! Prepaid maintenance programs will help your customers feel cared for and supported by your dealership. Let’s look at how your dealership can avoid the pitfalls of prepaid maintenance programs and start enjoying more customer loyalty.

Pitfall #1 – Small returns on the investment your company makes

Your company needs to implement a prepaid maintenance program that gives your brand a return on its initial investment. It’s important to offer prepaid maintenance programs that provide customers with a wide range of services and products they will use. Our company will design a prepaid maintenance program that will be valuable for both the dealership AND the returning customer.

Pitfall #2 – Customers don’t want to shell out cash for unnecessary products

Many customers who come in to utilize their program will usually purchase something else while they are there, increasing your overall profits. To get them to use their program, make sure you offer services that they will need in the future. You should also make it as easy as possible to get these services! One way to do so is to offer a package that also goes into the monthly car payment of the customer. It allows them to forgo any worries about future expenses and increases peace of mind.

Pitfall #3 – Customer service becomes chaotic after conversion to a prepaid maintenance program

Implementing a successful preventative maintenance program starts with your dealership and employees. Make sure your employees understand the fine details of the program before they start offering it to customers. Your employees need to answer any questions your valued customers may have about what the program entails.

 5 Easy Tips to Avoid Mistakes

 Ready to develop your program? Let’s look at five tips that will help your dealership avoid mistakes.

  1. Allow the program to be transferred to a new vehicle purchased from the same dealership instead of making the customer start a new plan.
  1. Give the customer what they want- listen and learn what your customers are saying.
  1. Know the program inside and out to avoid confusion.
  1. Offer maintenance that you know your customers will be looking for in the future.
  1. Work with the right company to develop a PMP that fits your company and brand.

When you are ready to make some big changes within your dealership, get in touch with AutoAwards to begin your prepaid maintenance programs for dealers. Your dealership will thrive when you have a strong handle on what your customers want.

Call us at 302-696-6000 to talk with us about your auto dealership and get started.

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