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How Automotive Dealerships Can Stay Ahead of Their Competition

The automotive industry is currently in a state of flux due to several trends affecting consumers. Although the average buyer has long levied dealer websites to discover more information on new vehicles, the pace at which information changes often leaves many consumers confused. The ever-changing needs of auto dealerships’ consumers present opportunities for dealerships to get ahead of the competition. Savvy dealers need to use an automotive marketing consultant who will provide recommendations that will keep your dealership in the forefront of customers’ minds.

Auto Buyers Want the Latest Information

Connectivity is an essential part of every new vehicle, and buyers want to know how well their new vehicles will deliver instant connections that work as well as their smartphones. Auto dealerships can stay connected with customers through email marketing and apps.

“The average person checks their smartphone about 34 times each day.” AutoAwards’ eCommunication targeting reaches customers where they are – on their smartphone and in their email inbox. Dealerships can segment their email list to only the most relevant, up-to-date information on their customers. This way, you only send what your customer most wants to know about based on their interests and past purchases.

How An Automotive Marketing Consultant Helps

What goes together with our eCommunication targeting is CRM software that tracks reporting data to tell us your customers’ interests. CRM software can help you determine what information they seek through data reporting, benchmarking, goal assessment, and turn-key support. Coupled with this, we will augment your efforts through targeted email marketing that will strengthen customer loyalty.

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