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How Dealerships Can Sell More Prepaid Maintenance Programs

A great way to ensure that customers become customers for life is to offer them automotive prepaid maintenance programs. These plans are customizable for nearly any budget and make sure that your customers develop a relationship with you as you maintain their vehicle on a regular basis. Dealerships have already figured out that selling these plans are great for their bottom line and also protect their customers’ purchase.

The bottom line is that customers who purchase these plans tend to stay customers for a very long time. These long-term customers are what drives a successful car maintenance business.

So, why do customers want to buy these maintenance programs?

It helps them plan for their regular vehicle maintenance. Many people have trouble keeping up with their factory maintenance schedule and enjoy the accountability that these programs give them.

How To Sell More Plans

The key to selling more prepaid maintenance plans is to always remind the customer or potential customer of their value. Too often dealers wait until right before the contract is signed and financed before mentioning these plans.

This generally makes the customer feel uneasy because this is the first time they have heard about it. Allow your plan to sell itself but remember that can only happen when the customer is well-informed about the product.

Lastly, encourage your customers to actually use the plan. This will be critical in converting them into long-term clients and building that long-term relationship that dealers thrive on.

So, Why Prepaid Maintenance?

The short answer is that it maintains a dealer-client relationship instead of a one-off purchase. This allows for upselling, future sales, and a reason for them to stay on as a customer. It really is that simple.

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