How to Include Prepaid Maintenance in Your Car Loyalty Program
Prepaid Maintenance and Loyalty Rewards Auto Dealership

How to Include Prepaid Maintenance in Your Car Loyalty Program

When you want your customers to stick with your dealership long-term, automotive customer loyalty programs are the way to do it. Not only will your customers come back to you for necessary service and even subsequent vehicle purchases, but loyalty programs are an excellent way to maintain long-term cash flow.

Why Offer Loyalty Programs?

Research has indicated that consumers do use loyalty programs to their advantage. Americans often have memberships in up to 30 different loyalty programs. Prepaid maintenance programs for dealers can help build long-term relationships with customers who become loyal to the company. Dealerships can capitalize on the loyalty trend to keep loyal customers who wish to return to the dealership when they need something.

Read on for three ways to implement an automotive customer loyalty program when you own or manage a dealership.

  1. Giveaways

A loyalty program should always start with giving all your new customers something that will bring them back in. It can start with complimentary maintenance on their vehicle for certain issues, which helps draw them back into your dealership when problems occur. A customer who gets consistent service for their vehicle from your dealership will be twice as likely to come back and make another purchase from you.

  1. Upselling Opportunities

When a customer purchases a vehicle from you, offering an up-sell that gives them additional savings is another way to bring them back in. Consider a maintenance coverage program that extends beyond the typical 12 months. Customers purchasing a vehicle will often go out of their way to protect their investment and will be happy to join a program that continues to cover their vehicle.

  1. Loyalty Incentives

It’s essential to keep your customer engaged even after their complimentary maintenance plan expires. Consider another long-term incentive that works in conjuncture with this program, such as points earned for every dollar the customer does spend. It keeps your customer coming back for years to come.

 Ultimately, you want your automotive customer loyalty program to bring customers back in for their next big vehicle purchase. Ensuring that each customer feels valued every time they come in your door starts with the right loyalty program.

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